Quantity Name [Shorthand] Make and Model Detailed Equipment Specifications
1 Primary Switch [SW1] Netgear FS-116 16-port unmanaged 100-Base-TX N-Way auto-detecting switch with uplink
1 Secondary Switch [SW2] TRENDnet NWay 8-port unmanaged 100-Base-TX N-Way Auto-detecting switch with uplink
1 Secondary Switch [SW3] Netgear FS-108 8-port unmanaged 100-Base-TX switch with uplink
lots NICs Intel/3com/Kingston/Realtek PCI 100-Base-TX Full Duplex Network Interface Controllers
1 DSL Bridge Efficient Networks Speedstream 5260 Ethernet-mode ADSL Bridge/Modem at 1536kbit/s down, 384kbit/s up.